Tweet Spinner: The Great Compromise?

February 24, 2012

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                                                     return to JayVee Media Link

When it comes to social media interacting, I have never liked automation.  Mindlessly adding large numbers of followers/fans who don’t intend to and never will engage causes a loss of credibility and defeats the purpose of social networking.  My aim is quality over quantity.  I don’t mind growing my clients’ and my own networks more slowly, taking the time to look for those people who are the best potential fit for our profiles and personally reaching out to them.

While I wish to strictly adhere to this system, I am increasingly finding myself stuck in a tough spot.  My strategy has always entailed manually going through hundreds of potential followers/fans, first finding and then vetting them.  As my clients’ and my networks have grown, however, time has become a serious issue.  Crucial as these duties are, posting quality information and engaging sometimes need to take a back seat while I spend hours seeking out new connections to make.  After all, growing networks is also essential.  There just aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish all of these duties.

Enter Tweet Spinner

Tweet Spinner trademark

I first heard of Tweet Spinner from my friend and mentor, Bundlepost’s Robert Caruso.  Named for its primary duty, posting Twitter messages using alternating phraseology to avoid the appearance of spamming, Robert convinced me to take a look at all of Tweet Spinner’s capabilities, and to consider how some of its services can help to streamline my expansion activities.  I did….and I was greatly impressed.

*** Handling all the most essential duties for my clients and myself leaves me little time to clean out Twitter direct message inboxes.  Tweet Spinner includes a feature that automatically archives the contents of these inboxes on a schedule that the user dictates.  That’s a feature with which I can certainly live!

*** As for auto following, this is where I see the best compromise.  Tweet Spinner contains a number of specifically configurable filters to deal with this activity.  These filters allow very precise user generated stipulations regarding what profiles would be optimal for following.  They analyze probable follow back and engagement numbers, based on past behavior patterns.  Best of all, the application delivers its findings to the user for final say.  So ultimately, the user still gets to make the final call regarding whom to follow.  Tweet Spinner just cuts out the onerously time consuming process of manually rooting around for those potential connections.  Additionally, these very sophisticated filters easily spot and ignore spam accounts.  That is another huge time saver.

*** While Tweet Spinner also features the most flexibly customizable auto direct message attribute I have seen, I have yet to cross the line and start using that one. With a steadily growing network of compatible, engaged connections courtesy of the application, though, I may have to consider it.  Otherwise I run the risk of spending the time its search aspect saves me manually reaching out to every single new follow.  I like to personally greet and thank each of them.  Yet the time I save is vital to publicly engaging with ALL followers.  The idea still doesn’t appeal to me; however, I will admit I have seen some auto messages via Tweet Spinner that were well worded and laid out in such a manner as to not appear automatically generated.  I am still wrestling with this feature.

An Acceptable Compromise?

For all who are happily finding it hard to keep up with rapidly expanding Twitter connections, Tweet Spinner is definitely worth considering.  Even if you don’t wish to take advantage of ALL the features it offers, there are plenty of attributes that are extremely helpful.  And at $22 a month for up to 5 accounts, it certainly is a bargain for all it does!

Would you use Tweet Spinner? If not, how do you manage the growth of your Twitter account as well as those of your clients?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section  below!

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