Four Ways to Brand Our Twitter Profiles

May 20, 2013

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                              return to JayVee Media Link LLC

Twitter’s importance in the realm of social media marketing cannot be disputed.  Recent reports have found the platform has gained in significance even more quickly than Facebook and almost every other social media site.  This should come as no surprise considering its versatility and powerful targeting tools.  What DOES surprise, in light of this information, is how many business Twitter accounts I come across whose branding is nonexistent, or minimal at best.  Twitter offers a number of ways to brand our profiles.  We should make full use of all those options to make our profile pages all about our unique brands.

Background images

No matter how informative and inspiring our business posts may be, they lose their punch if they are housed on profile pages adorned by any of the generic backgrounds offered by Twitter.  And while certain services may offer more diverse choices for backgrounds, the fact remains that they are available to anyone. Chances are good they do not even represent our brands’ colors.  Using any of these backgrounds will not make our business profile pages stand out as uniquely ours.

JayVee Media Link Twitter profile screen shot

Custom branded Twitter backgrounds should be planned and designed by whoever created our companies’ branding graphics.  Ideally, they should match what appears on our websites, and also on all our other social media platforms that allow custom branding.  Greg Trujillo provides a good resource plus template for proper dimensions and other specifics in his post “Twitter Background Design 2013.”  Completed custom backgrounds can be uploaded by going to our profile pages (via the Me link).  Placing our cursors in the cover picture field makes visible an edit button in the area’s upper right corner. Click that, then go to “Design” in the left column. Scroll down past Twitter’s premade choices to “Customize your own.”

Twitter design options screen shot

Profile pictures

Photos of us are preferred over those of logos or objects for our profile pictures.  We have plenty of space on our Twitter profiles for branding; our profile pictures need to allow others to see that they are interacting with actual people.  This is especially reassuring when we consider the number of fake profiles populating the platform.  Our profile pictures should be professional looking head shots – preferably the same ones that we use for our websites and our other business social profiles.

Header images

Header images are a fairly new feature on Twitter.  They offer even more space to brand, in an ideal spot:  around our profile pictures.  We should make optimal use of this area, which includes our bios and links to our websites and other social sites.  Good information about dimensions and other particulars for this feature can be found in the post “Check Out the Correct Twitter Header Size and Resolution.”

Branding colors

When branding our Twitter backgrounds it is of course important to incorporate our brand’s representative colors.  In doing so, we must not forget about the links on our profiles!  The edit design screen includes space to customize this important element. It is best to know the hex numbers, or online identification tags, of our specific branding colors when effecting this customization.  We just need to input our desired hex number into the appropriate box for link color.  We can also input a hex number to use a branded color for the background of our actual Twitter feed itself. Save changes, and done!

Twitter customize link color screen shot

Are you making the best use of all the customization capabilities Twitter gives us?  Have you implemented any special branding ideas to give your profile an extra edge? Please share your strategies in the comments section below!


Branded Backgrounds: They’re Who We Are!

March 4, 2013

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                                   return to JayVee Media Link LLC 

As a social media consultant and coach, I am frequently asked to evaluate the social presence of local businesses.  Quite often when I do, I am surprised to find that many of these businesses neglect to maintain consistent branding across their online profiles.  Even if they are well tended and tidy, each one has a different branded image.

What is the image that comes to mind when you hear the brand name Coke?  Starbucks?  Nike?  Before the word fades, the brand’s logo is clearly visible in our minds.  Would that be the case if these brands displayed different logos on each one of their marketing sites?

JayVee Media Link LLC website screen shotWe may not be heads of huge national chains or manufacture products known worldwide.   Still, we need to strive for the same reaction consumers have for those big brands, on a scale equivalent for OURS.  The pathway to that objective begins with brand consistency.  Every platform where our businesses maintain a presence must display the same branding as our websites.

We also need to remember that branding goes beyond just logo design.  It includes details such as colors, effects, and fonts.  We need them to be an EXACT match from profile to profile.  Our designers have on file the exact colors used for all facets of our brandings (by hex numbers), as well as style and size of fonts.   If any effects are incorporated into our logo designs, those also will be catalogued.  Additionally, if our brands are represented with mottos, they must be included so they are kept consistent across all social profiles.  It’s a good idea to get a copy of all this information for our own records, too.  It needs to be carefully stored, as it is literally the physical DNA of our brands.

The benefits for our companies of being known at a glance are obvious.  Like Coke, Starbucks and Nike, we should strive to achieve widespread visual recognition for our businesses, on a level appropriate for our aspirations.  Carefully constructed, consistent branding across all of our platforms – on AND offline – is the way to achieve this goal.

What are you doing to achieve branding consistency for YOUR business?  Please share your strategies in the comments section below.

JayVee Media Link LLC branded background screen shots