Bing Too??

February 12,2012                        return to JayVee Media Link LLC
by Jeanine Vecchiarelli

Last week, I wrote about Facebook, Google and the Privacy Issue.  In that post, I mentioned that Google’s position is, if you don’t like their new privacy policy you can always take your business elsewhere.  Well, okay, but…take it where?  In the world of search engines, the big three are generally thought to be Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Many people view Yahoo with nearly the same distrust as they do Google.  Hence, it would seem that Bing would be the logical default choice.  Well, not so fast there!

Liz Gannes recently shared a blog post which brings to light the fact that Bing has quietly bing, twitter and facebook iconsmade a deal with Twitter and Facebook.  One of the perks of this cozy little arrangement allows Bing wide open access to the unlimited stores of personal information archived by both of these social media giants.  All in the name of delivering its users a more efficient search experience, of course.  Sound familiar?

The plot thickens…

bing and androidThere is yet another interesting wrinkle here, as I see it.  Somewhere along the way there HAS to be a connection between Bing and Google.  Why else would Androids, which are Google phones, have Bing browsers as their default search engines, and use Bing Maps when their own is the widely preferred service?  Strange…

What now?

For the growing number of internet users who are concerned about these privacy issues, the question is, what service DO you use when Google tells you that you can always go elsewhere if you don’t like the way they use your personal information?  If anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears!  Please let me know in the comments section below this post!