Social Media Campaigns: Keeping the Focus

January 7, 2013
by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                             return to JayVee Media Link LLC

Happy New Year! As we return from our holiday down time and prepare to jump enthusiastically back into our marketing campaigns, we need to remember a basic social media concept. Whether we are handling our own or our clients’ businesses, we must recommit to the rule that our efforts be customer centered. What do our current/prospective clients need? How can we satisfy those needs? What can we share with them that will bring value to their businesses and/or their lives? These are the reasons for a social media business presence, after all.

Here are some good rules of thumb for keeping our social efforts client centric:

pitches surrounding miserable person1. Share value, not incessant sales pitches. Remember, social media is a pull-marketing technique. Our audience is seeking helpful instruction and good engagement. We need to provide high quality information in the posts we create and share from reputable peers in the field. While there is nothing wrong with an occasional direct pitch, our audience does not like to be overwhelmed by them.

2. Post lots of pictures and, where possible, videos. These shares garner the most views, so they are more effective at conveying important information. Multimedia postings also encourage the most engagement.

3. Be ourselves when posting. Don’t be afraid to allow clients to see and interact with the human side behind our brands. Doing so is viewed positively by a vast majority of our audience.

4. Be mindful of the fact that the best tolerated social media advertising we can effect is through soft selling. Instead of shoving our messages under their noses, we need to make our audience understand how our products/services will satisfy specific needs they have. Share testimonials from other satisfied customers. Conduct contests if our businesses lend themselves to that approach. Request input on certain decisions regarding packaging, features, and other details where possible. Post pictures of our products in action, or better yet, ask our readers to post their own. We need to set the stage for our audience to come to us via our methods of sharing, talking and helping them with their needs.

What are other techniques we should employ to keep the focus of our social media efforts where it belongs – on our customers? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

the customer is our star


Social Media and Marketing

December 10, 2012

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                               return to JayVee Media Link LLC 

These days a number of people inaccurately believe that social media marketing is an all or nothing deal; you either “market” or you “social media market.”  In truth, the two are interrelated, and both are so necessary they cannot be mutually exclusive.

Social media marketing is actually a component of marketing.  It occupies a very important spot in a merchant’s toolbox.  As with its fellow tools, its ultimate aim is producing satisfied customers.  What sets it apart from the others is its philosophy, which creates a different approach to that common end.

bullhorn for push marketingTraditional marketing involves channels that “push” our messages out to the masses.  We pay for ads, promotional materials, public relations campaigns and other mechanisms to alert consumers to our products/services.  These are important strategies for calling attention to our offerings.  Generally, we expect and receive more immediate feedback from these traditional marketing approaches.  We place our ads, and if they are effective, consumers respond.

magnet for pull marketingSocial media marketing, on the other hand, encompasses strategies that “pull” potential customers to us.  We do advertise, but in the grand scheme of successful strategies this activity comprises not more than 20% of our postings.  Social media is about sharing value.  It encompasses freely sharing useful information; sincerely looking to help; allowing our prospects to get to know us as the people behind our brands; fostering and nurturing relationships with them.  Social media marketing builds trust via ongoing engagement, crowd sourcing activities such as requesting input for certain marketing decisions, and quick servicing of needs.   In this manner, potential clients who friend/follow/fan us become not only satisfied customers but enthusiastic advocates for our businesses.  This method of marketing necessitates a considerable time commitment and does not deliver the instant results found in traditional promotional channels.  The trade off, however, is exponentially beneficial: it creates stronger bonds of loyalty, meaning good repeat business, and more reliable referrals for our companies.

Merchants who wish to see the best results in their marketing efforts need to incorporate strategies on both the push and the pull sides of the advertising equation.  Both can work together, as when we publish our online contact information and social site URLs on our print media, or when an online promotion points to a print media coupon.  Any way we combine them, the benefits and the time frames in which these two strategies yield effective responses complement each other.  The two pronged approach to marketing ensures steady visibility and growing consumer confidence in our businesses. That’s a winning combination all around!

How do you mix your push/pull strategies in your marketing?  Please share your ideas in the comments section below!

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