Hootsuite: A Brief Overview of an Amazing Social Media Tool

August 19, 2013

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                        return to JayVee Media Link LLC

“What exactly is Hootsuite?”  That is a question I have been fielding lately, particularly from new coaching clients.  Here is an introductory look at the social media tool.

Hootsuite owlHootsuite is a tool that simplifies a user’s social media experience by allowing virtually all duties across a multitude of platforms to be enacted within one easy to use dashboard. When a person signs up for the service he/she configures that dashboard by securely adding user names and passwords for any or all of the following platforms he/she uses: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, FourSquare, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr.  A WordPress blog site can also be added.  After configuration, one user name and password allows the client access to all his/her social media accounts, eliminating the need for continuously signing in and out of them individually.

Hootsuite dashboard screen shot

Hootsuite allows users to monitor activity on their social media platforms, and to post to them. Posts may be shared immediately, or they can be scheduled for release at a future time and/or date.  They can be easily edited and even deleted from the scheduled streams.

Another great feature of Hootsuite is its built in URL shortening service.  When sharing links to Twitter we can’t afford to have our 140 character maximum be taken up by long URLs. Furthermore, they are unsightly even on platforms that allow unlimited characters for posting.  We need only paste our long form links into Hootsuite’s status box, click “Shrink,” and a much more manageable version is generated and inserted into our posts.  As an added bonus, Hootsuite tracks the short links it creates. This puts the analytics for what we share right at our fingertips.

Hootsuite link shortener feature screen shot

Two features that help keep Hootsuite close by for easy use are its mobile app for our smart phones, and its Hootlet plug-in for our desktop/laptop browsers.  Both are straightforward, fully functional and very easy to use.

Hootsuite mobile app and Hootlet browser plug in screen shots

Hootsuite offers three levels of service.  Its basic level is free for use by one client, who can add up to five social media accounts.  Its Pro level allows the integration of up to 50 social media platforms, and one “team member” to assist in management duties.  The entry Pro level costs $8.99/month, but add-ons are available if a user needs to handle more for expansion of his/her social media business presence.  The final level is Enterprise, which is for big businesses with large staffs and much to oversee.

As users grow their social media presences they may find useful the more advanced features Hootsuite offers.  They may, for example, wish to configure platform streams to allow for monitoring of specific groups or keywords, including mentions of their companies.  Undoubtedly they will also want to take advantage of the tool’s integrated analytics for research and reporting.

Have you tried Hootsuite yet?  What is your impression?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


Social Media Automation: Boon or Bust?

May 6, 2013

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli            return to JayVee Media Link LLC

robot for automationTo automate or not to automate? That is a very popular question these days.  And it’s one that appears to inspire passionate debate!

The way people use social media automation ultimately determines whether the practice is a good or a bad one.  We DO need to remember that for social interaction to be successful we must be present for it!  Automation needs to be recognized for what it is – a set of tools, rather than an end in itself.

Automate to Share

One useful type of automation consists of tools that help us to quickly curate great quality content by other leaders and peers in our fields.  Sharing value is one of the most important ingredients of successful social media marketing.  The activity engenders trust and loyalty among our followers, who appreciate the no strings attached information we share with them.  As an added bonus, the content we regularly share helps us to stay visible among our fans and followers throughout each day.

The downside to content curation is the inordinate amount of time we would need to spend researching and evaluating posts we deem important enough to share if we had to undertake this necessary activity manually.  Such a time investment would render impossible the equally important activity of real time responding and conversing with our fans/followers.  Tools like Bundlepost offer wonderful methods of accomplishing curation while still maintaining ample opportunity for the real time interactions on which successful social media marketing turns.  In this light, social media automation is definitely a good thing.

Schedule for Smarter Real-Time Presence

Another facet of social media automation that hits the proverbial hot button is the actual advance scheduling of the posts we wish to share.  Opponents of the practice often paint proponents as lazy and apathetic about the germination and nurturing of those all important social media relationships.  In actuality, proper use of advance scheduling tools offers benefits that would be very difficult to attain if every post we shared was in real time.  For example, we may wish to target specific time sensitive posts to a certain segment of our prospects/clients who are located in different time zones.  It makes much better sense to schedule copies of our posts to arrive within the necessary time frames, targeted to our fans/followers in each applicable time zone than it does to manually resend our messages at the necessary times for each time zone we need to target.

As noted earlier, advance scheduling of value posts keeps our companies present and visible among our social media platforms for our clients and prospects to see.  Ideally, these should serve as “anchor” posts which we use to stimulate enthusiasm and spark good conversation among our fans/followers.  In other words, advance scheduling does NOT mean we may walk away from our accounts.  Proper use of this feature allows us to spend even more time present and engaging with our audiences, ultimately guiding them down our sales funnels.  Truly, the only fail with this system is for those with an automation “set it and forget it” mentality.

Which social media automation tools have you tried?  Which ones do you prefer for your business?  Please share your social media automation tool logosexperiences in the comments section below!

Hashtags Are Our Friends!

March 18, 2013

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                 return to JayVee Media Link LLC

hashtag in magnifyiing glassHashtags.  As social media newbies, every one of us was most likely intimidated by them. We didn’t understand them, couldn’t comprehend their purpose, and their omnipresence was more than a little scary!  What WAS that little tic tac toe sign before all those words?  At that time we had no idea how very important those symbols were, and how helpful they would come to be as we struggled to keep our posts from getting lost among the hundreds of others washing over our chosen profiles each day.

Hashtags got their start on Twitter.  Once confined to that platform, they are now used widely on several others, including Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and likely soon, Facebook – where they were met with resistance not so long ago.

Simply put, hashtags represent categories. If a post contains a specific hashtag, that post is grouped into a file with other posts that also contain that hashtagged word or phrase.  There are several advantages to this grouping method.  The subject of our categorized posts is easier to track.  We need only revisit the hashtagged term.  Equally importantly, it enables us to more easily locate other messages on the same topic.  Sharing information and opinions on the subject – including with others to whom we are not otherwise connected – can be accomplished smoothly.  This in turn affords us an opportunity to forge new connections as we demonstrate our expertise in the hastagged topic.

Hashtags are also used to “house” chats on specific topics. They make it easy to locate a particular chat.  They also help to keep the discussion focused on the topic, and to respond within the targeted circle of discussion.

Of course, all good features come with disclaimers.  We must use hashtags carefully.  If we wish to create a targeted group, we need to test the term we want to use before adopting it.  If it doesn’t already exist, we must take care to consider whether it can be “hijacked” for other purposes – e.g., if it is too general.  If it does exist, it’s important to be sure our posts are appropriate to add to it.  There is a chance the term that is already in existence carries discussions of a different meaning than the one we intend.

Lastly, we must take care not to abuse hashtags, or to overuse them.    Otherwise they become spammy.  While we may use more than one in a post, we should hashtag only the one or two keywords/phrases that have the most relevance to the topic of the message we are posting.

On which social media platforms do YOU use hashtags?  How many do you average in a message?  Please share your hashtag in the sunthoughts in the comments section below!

Avoiding Social Media Overload

June 4, 2012

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                                     return to JayVee Media Link LLC

passed out with head on top of computer keyboardContent creation; posting; engaging; marketing; curation; strategizing; maintaining an active presence on all the relevant social media sites; mobile marketing; email marketing…  Hour after hour we sit, until our eyes blur and our minds turn foggy.  Day turns to night; darkness gives way to dawn, and still we toil.  There is SO MUCH to do, and so few hours in a day…

Does this feel like an accurate description of your life in the social media field?  If it does, you’re not alone.  I recently came across this mind blowing social media infographic posted by Business Insider, and it put everything into perspective.

When we love what we do our enthusiasm is high, and it’s easy to overreach.  That’s why it’s so important to understand the scope of the tasks we undertake, and to know our limits.  Even the most knowledgeable and motivated amongst us can’t possibly deliver quality work when spreading themselves so thinly.  The only possible result of trying to do it all is poor quality for our clients, and a bad case of burnout for ourselves.

So how do we navigate the labyrinthine processes of the social media field?  Here are some thoughts:

  I mean this on several different levels.  Stay on top of the changes and rollouts that impact the major social media platforms.  This way you will remain knowledgeable on how to best utilize their features.  Do your best to become familiar with at least some of the smaller outlets across the different facets of the social media marketing sphere, too. That will help eliminate the need to blindly cast around, grabbing at the latest, newest crazes for which it may not be truly worth devoting any time.  Instead you will be well equipped to recommend the few platforms that will optimally suit your clients and yourself.

Bring in help
  There’s no getting around this.  The only way you will be able to deliver consistent, quality service is to share the work load.  But please note:  It won’t do to “hire” your 12 year old niece because she is a Facebook powerhouse or your best friend because you enjoy socializing with him/her.  You need to look hard for people who:

–share your dedication to the field;

–eagerly embrace the ongoing learning, including the necessary research to be able to faithfully speak and engage in the voice of your clients;

–have great marketing skills;

— possess strong communication and writing abilities, including proper spelling, grammar and sentence construction;

–are intuitive enough to readily adapt as circumstances dictate.

Interns are fine, as long as they are interested enough in the field to pursue related work.  In other words, innate interest, intrinsic motivation, dedication to the process and commitment to the end goals are necessary qualities to seek when bringing in assistance.

The social media marketing field is exploding as more businesses come to understand its power and significance in today’s marketing strategies.  For anyone who finds the field exciting, it makes a wonderful, stimulating career.  But we need to remember to prepare ourselves on all levels so that we are able to deliver great quality while avoiding the pitfalls and the burnout.

What steps do you take in your business to ensure top quality service and keep from becoming overwhelmed?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

social media icons exploding out of computer

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Automation: A Dirty Word?

May 14, 2012

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                                               return to JayVee Media Link LLC

social media automation tools pictureToo many people feel that automation is a dirty word in the social media field.  Yet if we are honest with ourselves, we also know it is a necessary evil.  My feeling is that automation provides much needed assistance for our responsibilities, as long as it is used wisely. You will hear that refrain throughout this post!

There are so many good automation tools out there today.  Some cost money to use; others are free.   Both can be equally valuable.  In most cases, the only trick to picking the right one for you is to consider the one that accomplishes exactly what you wish it to do, in a layout you find most appealing.  Once again, though, how you use automation makes the difference between it being good or bad for business.

Auto posting

There is a very contentious ongoing debate about whether or not auto posting is a good idea.  I see valid points on both sides – as long as the feature isn’t abused.  Our followers and potential clients aren’t fools; they can easily detect the absence of a human voice behind a generic auto posted message.  And it is a big turn off.  Why should anyone stick around when we can’t be “bothered” with them enough to post for ourselves?  However, if used judiciously, there are times when auto posting can work.  If, for example, we wish to thank our new Twitter followers via direct message, and we become so swamped that doing so prevents us from doing our more pressing tasks, I believe it’s okay to send an automated message.  But that message should be crafted in as personable and congenial a manner as possible.  For myself, as of now I choose not to use this automated tool.  Because I subscribe to the “quality over quantity of followers” school of thought, my methods do not tend to generate hundreds of them a day.  Hence, I can take a moment to personally thank each new one.  And believe me, MANY of them let me know that personal touch is much appreciated.

Twitter tools for auto follow/unfollow

There are many tools for the purpose of automatically following or unfollowing people on Twitter.  In theory, they are a Godsend because of the time they save us.  Manually searching for and combing through hundreds of profiles to find a good potential fit for ourselves or our clients can take days on its own.  All of our other duties would of necessity fall by the wayside.  But using these tools to Twitter automation toolsindiscriminately add hundreds of followers based on the mere mention of your search keyword in their “about me” blurb or worse, somewhere among their tweets, is not a good way to find quality.  The tool that I use searches based on my specified keywords, and returns the results to me.  I then go through each profile found and vet for compatibility myself.  Yes, it does take time.  But I want to make sure the resulting connections are potentially fruitful.  And the process is a lot quicker than it would be if I had to first manually search for the profiles before vetting them.  Tweet Spinner, the program I use, cuts my time spent on this duty by better than half.

Social media dashboards

Hootsuite owl

The only downside that I see to using social media dashboards like Hootsuite, Seesmic or Tweetdeck is that postings via them are not always given a ranking equal to those put directly on the profile pages.  While I can’t say for sure, I have heard that algorithms are changing to reevaluate these postings for a more favorable ranking.  That is good news,Tweetdeck bird logo since these dashboards are lifesavers.  Someone unfamiliar with their use would be astounded by the time savings we enjoy just by not having to individually log in and out of each profile account that we own or manage.  And the vast majority of our duties for these profiles can be accomplished via these social media dashboards.

Content curation

Another important duty that social media managers undertake is sharing valuable information.  In addition to the posts that we create, a well rounded selection of passages composed by other industry experts is a must for circulating.  Scouring the internet to find, evaluate and curate posts for distribution can be a full time job in itself.  To cut down on that time commitment, I use a content curation program that brings relevant posts directly to me.  I still need to evaluate them and set them up for posting, a task that routinely takes me a good number of hours.  But at least I am not losing days chasing those passages down all across the internet. For that reason I am very grateful to Robert Caruso and his automated Bundlepost program.
Bundlepost logo

As I have stated throughout this post, it’s not so much automation in the social media field that is bad; it is how we use the wealth of automated tools available to us that determines the positives or negatives of the issue.

How do you feel about automation in our field?  What tools do YOU use in your business?  Please share your thoughts by posting them in the comments section below.

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Social Media Platforms – So Many; So Little Time

March 19, 2012

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                                            return to JayVee Media Link                    

overwhelmed by social mediaFacebook; Twitter; You Tube; Linked In; Google Plus; Pinterest; Foursquare; Chill; WordPress; Posterous…  The list grows longer and longer every day.  How on Earth to keep up with all of the platforms?  How on Earth to manage your own PLUS your clients’ when there are only 24 hours in a day?

I shake my head in disbelief when I see advertisements from some of my peers stating that they will set up and manage 20, 30, 40 plus profiles for their clients.  Unless they have access to very large teams of workers, the only thing they will accomplish by trying to maintain a presence on that many sites is major burnout.  And poor quality output will result, as their efforts will become more diluted with each additional platform they take on.  These profiles aren’t called time suckers for nothing!  It’s easy enough to lose hours on any one of them alone!  Do you dare to imagine what it would be like to build a successfully engaged presence on even 20 profiles a day, PER CLIENT?  The truth is it’s just not possible.  The essential answer is to emphasize quality over quantity.

There is never a need to try and impress by throwing around unrealistic numbers and claims.  If anything, that is a recipe for losing your credibility.  When first formulating a strategy with your social media client, the cardinallisten carefully rule is to LISTEN ATTENTIVELY.  Take notes based on what you hear.  Ask questions to seek clarification.  What EXACTLY does your new client wish to achieve?  Think about how you can help him/her to reach that goal.  Only after taking those steps should you start putting together a marketing strategy with him/her.  Based on those expectations and the strategy you develop, you should pick just a few of the multitude of available social media platforms that are best suited to your combined needs.  By targeting a lesser number of more suitable platforms, a stronger, more engaged presence may be cultivated.  A good social media manager knows the best uses of each of those platforms, and in what capacity they will deliver the best results.  Your strategy must build from there.

From my experience, the two platforms that most reliably deliver across virtually every social media strategy are Twitter and Facebook.  More times than not, I start with them.  Depending upon the needs and expectations of my client, and his/her field, we build from there.  Sometimes we add only one more profile; sometimes more.  Other times we work only with those two.  The key is to get the best results within our strategy, and there is no rule that says you can’t have a great one with only two profiles.  Put another way, what counts is not necessarily how many platforms you accumulate; rather, it is knowing how to optimally apply the ones you use.

To figuratively put a punctuation mark on my views, I’d like to share a link to my friend Robert Caruso’s blog post on this very issue.  It is both entertaining AND informative!

How do YOU cope with the constantly expanding world of social media platforms?  What are your thoughts on strategy building in the midst of these ever emerging channels?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Tweet Spinner: The Great Compromise?

February 24, 2012

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                                                     return to JayVee Media Link

When it comes to social media interacting, I have never liked automation.  Mindlessly adding large numbers of followers/fans who don’t intend to and never will engage causes a loss of credibility and defeats the purpose of social networking.  My aim is quality over quantity.  I don’t mind growing my clients’ and my own networks more slowly, taking the time to look for those people who are the best potential fit for our profiles and personally reaching out to them.

While I wish to strictly adhere to this system, I am increasingly finding myself stuck in a tough spot.  My strategy has always entailed manually going through hundreds of potential followers/fans, first finding and then vetting them.  As my clients’ and my networks have grown, however, time has become a serious issue.  Crucial as these duties are, posting quality information and engaging sometimes need to take a back seat while I spend hours seeking out new connections to make.  After all, growing networks is also essential.  There just aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish all of these duties.

Enter Tweet Spinner

Tweet Spinner trademark

I first heard of Tweet Spinner from my friend and mentor, Bundlepost’s Robert Caruso.  Named for its primary duty, posting Twitter messages using alternating phraseology to avoid the appearance of spamming, Robert convinced me to take a look at all of Tweet Spinner’s capabilities, and to consider how some of its services can help to streamline my expansion activities.  I did….and I was greatly impressed.

*** Handling all the most essential duties for my clients and myself leaves me little time to clean out Twitter direct message inboxes.  Tweet Spinner includes a feature that automatically archives the contents of these inboxes on a schedule that the user dictates.  That’s a feature with which I can certainly live!

*** As for auto following, this is where I see the best compromise.  Tweet Spinner contains a number of specifically configurable filters to deal with this activity.  These filters allow very precise user generated stipulations regarding what profiles would be optimal for following.  They analyze probable follow back and engagement numbers, based on past behavior patterns.  Best of all, the application delivers its findings to the user for final say.  So ultimately, the user still gets to make the final call regarding whom to follow.  Tweet Spinner just cuts out the onerously time consuming process of manually rooting around for those potential connections.  Additionally, these very sophisticated filters easily spot and ignore spam accounts.  That is another huge time saver.

*** While Tweet Spinner also features the most flexibly customizable auto direct message attribute I have seen, I have yet to cross the line and start using that one. With a steadily growing network of compatible, engaged connections courtesy of the application, though, I may have to consider it.  Otherwise I run the risk of spending the time its search aspect saves me manually reaching out to every single new follow.  I like to personally greet and thank each of them.  Yet the time I save is vital to publicly engaging with ALL followers.  The idea still doesn’t appeal to me; however, I will admit I have seen some auto messages via Tweet Spinner that were well worded and laid out in such a manner as to not appear automatically generated.  I am still wrestling with this feature.

An Acceptable Compromise?

For all who are happily finding it hard to keep up with rapidly expanding Twitter connections, Tweet Spinner is definitely worth considering.  Even if you don’t wish to take advantage of ALL the features it offers, there are plenty of attributes that are extremely helpful.  And at $22 a month for up to 5 accounts, it certainly is a bargain for all it does!

Would you use Tweet Spinner? If not, how do you manage the growth of your Twitter account as well as those of your clients?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section  below!

Tweet Spinner logo

Social Media Reflections for 2011

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli              return to main site: JayVee Media Link LLC

January 2, 2012


The latter part of 2011 has been a social media whirlwind for me.  After having advised and managed online marketing campaigns for the past three years, it was only last August that I launched my services as an official business: JayVee Media Link LLC. As much fun as it has been, I was astounded by how much I had yet to learn, even after all my years of gratis work.  As anyone in this field will attest, the challenge is not only getting up to speed, but also staying on top of the constant changes that take place on an almost daily basis.

Now that the New Year is upon us, I want to publicly acknowledge the people who have been (and continue to be) invaluable resources for me in the field of social media.  These are household names for us all; if you haven’t tapped into their wealth of knowledge, you are seriously missing out. Here is my list of favorite resources, along with a heartfelt thank you for giving freely of themselves for the sole purpose of helping us all:

MaMari like Ferrari!ri Smith 

The first time I heard about Mari, I thought to myself, “Mari like Ferrari??  What’s up with THAT?  Clickety-click?  REALLY??”  And then I started following her on her various social media sites.  And I realized that those turns of phrases couldn’t possibly be truer to Mari’s nature. She is one of the most genuine, caring and giving authorities in the social media field.  As great as her overall knowledge is, Mari is THE go to person for ANY issues regarding Facebook.  And she is rapidly becoming an enthusiastic authority on Google Plus as well. I have found that her followers are as welcoming and eager to help as she is; indeed, I’ve learned so much from them.  It is a pleasure to deal with Mari and her fans!

Social Media Examiner

Mike Stelzner and his team are also favorite reference sources for me.  I look so forward to finding their emails in my inbox every day! The Social Media Examiner team is varied enough in its research and presentation that readers learn about virtually every facet of the world of social media management and marketing.  And now they have rolled out a wonderful new networking site where we can interact with and learn from not only them, but our peers! Awesome!

Lewis Howes

Although I have been somewhat negligent in keeping up with my LinkedIn profile, I look to Lewis for any issues or questions I may have regarding that platform.  He is a true authority on LinkedIn, and provides invaluable information on how to leverage the platform to achieve the best possible results for your business.

Robert Caruso

Robert and his team at Bundlepost offer not only a terrific social media service, but they are also authorities on virtually all facets of social media marketing and management. Their blogs are informative and entertaining, as they pepper their writing with their viewpoints and often humorous takes on their subject matter.

Lilach Bullock

Lilach is a very prolific blog writer who shares a wealth of social media information and tips every day in her straightforward, down to earth style.

Kate Buck Jr.

Kate is the lady who first brought the realization to me that social media management is a real profession! Before I heard her speak, I was convinced that online profile management was merely a hobby – albeit a very time consuming one!  Through Let’s Get Social, Kate and her team offer a goldmine of information, tips and actual, usable tools for your social media business. Kate is very hands on, accessible, readily helpful…and has enough energy to power the U.S.A. for at least a decade!

I thank all of my mentors for their dedication to our field, and for giving of themselves solely for our benefit.  May they – and YOU —  enjoy the blessings of a healthy, prosperous, Happy New Year that is filled with everything good!

How have my favorite social media resources helped YOU?  As a relative newcomer, I am positive that I have left off a number of others who deserve equal recognition; who beside the above named social media giants has inspired and helped YOU?

Social Media No-Nos

–an observation by Jeanine Vecchiarelli, founder of JayVee Media Link LLC

“My social media profiles have been up for a year! Why do I have only 11 followers on one and 9 on the other?” That was the question I was recently asked when I was hired to perform JayVee Media Link’s Social Media Evaluation for a new client.

The small business that hired me for this job is well known and highly ranked in its local area, so I was interested to see why its social media business plan was falling flat. It didn’t take long for the answer to present itself clearly. On the company’s Twitter profile, there was a mere handful of posts spread at approximately monthly intervals over the year, all of which shared news of upcoming events and service offerings. Over the past year, there was not a single instance of interaction with followers, and not a single indication that any effort had been made to build the company’s following.

I’m sure you already suspect that this businessFacebook page was similarly neglected. But there was one additional thing I saw on that profile that positively chilled me. There was a nine month old post from a prospective client saying, “I want to know more!” The post was never answered. It was never even acknowledged.

Social media is….SOCIAL. Internet marketing for business, large or small, MUST comprise an active, enthusiastic presence on a business’ social media profiles. A continuous effort to build a company’s following using any of the multitude of strategies on the internet, and ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT with a profile’s followers are ABSOLUTE MUSTS. Any business that is not prepared to do the work necessary to build and maintain a positive, interactive online presence, either in house or via the internet marketing services that are offered by social media companies like JayVee Media Link, should understand that it will not see success through that particular avenue of marketing.

Considering that social media marketing is the next big wave for advertising a business’ goods and services, it is strongly recommended that any company looking to expand its reach – even on a local level – learn to integrate successful internet marketing strategies into its business planning.

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Time Management: Get More from your Time — Guest Post

Today’s post is a wonderfully informative offering by top social media consultant Lilach Bullock.  Thanks, Lilach, for helping us to do more in less time!

Time Management: Get More from your Time

Do YOU use any of these time management aids?  Do you use any others?  Which do you prefer?  I’m all ears!  🙂

–Jeanine Vecchiarelli

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