Lookout – Why You Need It Now!

April 15, 2013

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                return to JayVee Media Link LLC

Lookout logoEvery so often I like to spotlight a social media platform, tool, or mobile app that offers excellent value for our online existences.  This week the topic for discussion is Lookout.

Lookout is an app that offers the most comprehensive protection for our mobile phones and tablets I have seen so far.  Considering how these devices are our lifelines to our businesses (not to mention families/friends), the importance of the service it provides cannot be understated.

Lookout all is okay notification on mobile deviceLookout is part antivirus protection and part security guard against loss/theft.  For a long time, mobile phones were immune from malware threats.  This is no longer the case, particularly for Android devices.  Today’s high powered mobile “gadgets” are more like little computers than just phones, and the software that runs them is vulnerable to malicious attacks.  When installed, Lookout scans all downloaded apps to ensure they are virus free.  It does so again each time those apps are updated in order to make sure they remain so.  As an extra measure of protection, the app also backs up our contacts and keeps them securely on its website.

While antivirus protection is absolutely essential, the Lookout feature that blows me away deals with loss or theft of our mobile devices.  This app offers two remedies: it sends a “scream” signal to our phones – even if they are in vibrate or silent mode.  This addresses the possibility that our devices may have been inadvertently dropped or misplaced near our current locations.  The signal sounds like a loud siren, and it goes for one full minute unless silenced by unlocking and accessing our home screens.  The scream feature can be relaunched repeatedly.  The other remedy uses our phones’ GPS capabilities to pinpoint their locations with impressive precision.  All it takes is a quick log in to Lookout’s website via another mobile device (a tablet or a companion’s phone) or a computer.

Lookout device located notifications

All the Lookout features discussed up to now are available in the free version of the app.  There is a yearly paid subscription ($2.99/month or $29.99/year) that brings even more enticing features:

1. With the free version, the app backs up and stores our contacts. The paid version expands this feature to include our photos and call histories.

2. The free version allows us to restore our backed up information to our phones if it is necessary once we retrieve them.  The paid version allows us to transfer our backed up info to a new device should our phones be gone for good.

3. In addition to the scream feature, Lookout saves our phones’ last known locations before their batteries die.  And the app snaps a picture of anyone who tries unsuccessfully three times to unlock our phones.  With the paid version, we become able to remotely lock and even wipe the entire memories (including the SD cards) of our devices.

4. Lookout’s premium version also provides preemptive services such as notifying us if a site we wish to visit contains malware.  In addition, it warns us about apps we have downloaded that access our locations and personal information.

Whether it is the free or the paid version, Lookout is a must-have app to keep our mobile devices safe and secure.  Nothing beats the reassurance of seeing that “all is ok” message on our devices, and receiving the email that arrives as frequently as we desire telling us all is well.  OR, should the unthinkable occur, seeing an email telling us our devices have been located.  Which of the above listed features is most important to YOU?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.  Then go download Lookout!

Lookout email status briefing


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