Social Media First Impressions and Beyond

February 11, 2013

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                  return to JayVee Media Link LLC

A primary rule of social media marketing is to carefully mind the first impressions we create.  It doesn’t matter how good we are at what we do.  The fact is we don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

girl whispering surprising news into another girl's earWe may be at the top of our fields. Our focus is always customer satisfaction; our products/services are the best on the market. But somehow as we meet a prospective new client, an issue may arise. Maybe a word is misspoken. Or a stipulation is misunderstood. Perhaps we leave unanswered a question or concern. It may be something very minor…at least to us. And suddenly we find that our reputations have taken a hit. In spite of our diligent efforts to clear the issue up, the fact that there was a lapse at all leaves a lingering doubt. And if those misgivings are shared, a small misunderstanding can escalate to a full blown crisis. It can seem impossible to scrub the bad impression from our clients’ minds.

It is not my intention to scare. I just mean to emphasize the importance of carefully guarding that good name we have all worked so hard to earn. From first meetings onward, it is our responsibility to make our clients feel they are our top priorities:

–Always show courtesy and respect.

–Make sure each point discussed is completely understood.

–Follow up after those first meetings!

–Address questions and concerns quickly and efficiently.

–Fulfill promises, ideally above and beyond expectations.

–Always let them know we appreciate their business.

–And if, in spite of our best efforts, something goes awry, work to correct the issue as quickly and diligently as possible.

What other ways can we ensure our impeccable reputations remain intact right from our first meetings with prospective clients? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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2 thoughts on “Social Media First Impressions and Beyond

  1. Well done Jeanine – It’s so important that before we jump on to the social channels that we take some time to understand “Why” we’re there, who we’re going to communicate with and then plan what/how to do it.

    • Absolutely, Gordon! While a perfect interchange every time is a high bar to establish, we can do our very best to reach it by researching and preparing for our meetings. We need to know at least some basic information about those with whom we are going to meet – who they are, their specific business needs, and how we will be able to help meet those needs. During meetings we must listen intently, speak understandably and have a good handle on necessary facts to ensure our time together runs smoothly and leaves our potential new clients with a positive, confident feeling. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

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