The Importance of Social Media Audits

September 17, 2012

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                            return to JayVee Media Link LLC

I recently shared a wonderful infographic by Mike Lewis on my social media sites.  The topic was “How to Perform a Social Audit.”  I would like to talk a little about the necessity of this vital task for launching our clients’ social media marketing campaigns as well as for maintaining positive momentum throughout them.

social media audit with magnifying glassIt is important to approach our social audits on multiple levels as we begin developing strategies for our clients’ internet marketing efforts.  Obviously, the first thing for which we need to look is the kind of presence they already have on the World Wide Web.  How well optimized are their websites, and how visible are they to the major search engines?  Do they have profiles set up on various social media platforms?  What is the quality of their web existences, and how effectively are the sites being used?  In his infographic, Mike Lewis presents great tips for these questions in clear, concise form.  Note that while he uses Twitter and Facebook as examples, the advice he offers can and must be applied to all social media platforms.  And I second his recommendation to assess our clients’ internet presences in accordance with the general rules for set up and appearance AS WELL AS against the profiles of their competitors.  It is essential to research what those competitors are doing that is or is not working, and to use that information to better our clients’ presences.

A tip I will add to Mike Lewis’ advice is to revisit and update our social audits at regular intervals after we set up and implement our clients’ media campaigns.  As part of our research into the effectiveness of our strategies, we should continue to monitor what their competitors are doing, and how successful they are in their efforts.  Doing so affords us greater vantage points from which to tweak our clients’ strategies.

What tips can you offer for conducting our social audits?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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