Facebook: A Vital Social Media Marketing Tool or a Bust?

June 11, 2012

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli             return to JayVee Media Link LLC

thumbs down to FacebookFacebook:  a few weeks ago it was King of the Hill.  Now we are witnessing its “fall from grace.”  Everywhere we turn we are hearing stories ranging from user indifference through feelings of suspicion, outright anger and betrayal.  We are hearing of poor platform performance, and even predictions of its inevitable demise.  But does the social networking site really deserve such a bad rap?

Facebook may hold good potential for businesses.  But currently, we need to acknowledge that the platform is a work in progress.  Its roots are in fostering social relationships, not commerce.  It IS evolving, as evidenced by the business friendly features being rolled out and/or improved on an almost weekly basis.  The possibility exists that, as its ad campaigns and client-targeting features are fine tuned, Facebook may start seeing better success with its marketing conversions.

Regardless of whether or not Facebook becomes a marketing powerhouse, I continue to suggest making optimal use of the platform’s strongest feature:  its ability to facilitate the fostering and growth of interpersonal connections.  I believe Facebook is best for growing networking associations with our peers, as well as for creating a hospitable environment that encourages customer interaction and service, and most importantly, facilitates the building of trusting, loyal connections between us merchants and our current/potential clients.

Of course, as Facebook’s business friendly features improve they will help to elevate the rate of successful conversions through its platform.  But the bottom line is, the more trust and loyalty that is fostered via Facebook, the greater the rate of conversions and customer retention…regardless of the specific platform route to purchase that is ultimately taken.

What are your thoughts about Facebook as a marketing tool?  Please share your views in the comments section below.

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