Be a Social Media Overnight Sensation! — Or Not

April 23, 2012

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                                    return to JayVee Media Link LLC

internet quick cashEvery time I receive a message telling me to “read on” or click a link to learn the well guarded secrets of being an instant success in the field of social media marketing, I lose a little more patience.  It shouldn’t surprise you to know that I get a steady diet of those, every single day.   Don’t you?

I love this field.  That’s important, because you need to love what you do in order to put in the hours and carry out the responsibilities that are required to do the job well.  After several years of handling social media campaigns as favors for friends, I had no delusions regarding what it would take to launch my services as an official business.  Yet even though my eyes were open going in, I STILL wasn’t totally prepared for the time commitment and the overwhelming workload.  Especially since I was pretty much doing it all as a solo act; when you launch a business without a lot of “seed” capital, there isn’t much available to pay for help.

Frequently during vast undertakings such as this one, overwhelmed new business owners become susceptible to falling victim to hawkers of all kinds of magical formulas for instant success.  Day after day they are deluged with promises that if they will just purchase this program or that plan they will be making big bucks within a few weeks.  And best of all, they will be earning those huge payouts with as little as an hour or two of work a day.  Sounds irresistible, right?

man holding out packets of money

My friends, please remember that old saying: “If it sounds too good to be true, it IS.”  Don’t waste your money on those get rich quickly while doing barely any work “systems.”  Remember that many of those schemes are completely transparent to potential clients, and will in fact send them running in the opposite direction.  Do be prepared to put in long, LONG hours of work that is demanding AND taxing.  Thankfully, there are plenty of highly reputable mentors out there from whom you can learn without being misled by fantasies.  In short, have fun, but understand that the satisfaction you will feel needs to come from a very high level of dedication to the field in general and to your clients specifically.

One of my mentors, Lilach Bullock, posted a blog about this very topic last week. In 3 myths other Internet Marketers don’t tell the truth about, she made the case so eloquently that I am eager to share her sage wisdom with you.  Heed Lilach’s words well and you will understand what it takes – and how long it takes — to be truly successful in the social media field.

What is your experience with becoming/being a social media manager?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!
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2 thoughts on “Be a Social Media Overnight Sensation! — Or Not

  1. Amen, Ms. Jeanine! I run across this all the time. And, don’t get me started on all the so called “Social Media Experts” that have popped up lately. Looking at their own sites tells me quickly they don’t know what they’re talking about OR care about their client’s welfare, either. Thanks for posting a great read, dah’ling! Carmen Wisenbaker

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your very sage wisdom, Carmen! Yes, it does seem as though there has been a proliferation of these get-rich quick scammers lately. They are what inspired this post! I especially love going to their sites and seeing barely any postings other than sales pitches, and often not even branded backgrounds! Sheesh! The best thing we can learn from them is how NOT to be a success in the social media field!

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