Facebook “Like” Exchanges: Helpful…or Pointless?

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   Your new Facebook business page is done and published; what do you do now?  Obviously, your first thoughts turn to building a fan following.  You want the magic number that enables you to capture your vanity URL; after that, you want to build enough numbers to show your company’s credibility.  Building a Facebook fan base is slow, arduous work.  So when some enterprising people introduce an informal “like” exchange, it seems like the perfect solution.  But is it?

To be sure, there are plenty of purists out there who scoff at the notion of “You like my page and I’ll like yours.”  They ask what some businesses whose fields are light years apart could possibly have in common with each other.  They call it a cop out, and many belittle those who participate.  I maintain that swapping Facebook fan page likes can be a good strategy….but only if coupled with an agreement between participating parties.

Benefits of Exchanging Facebook Likes…IF…

Everyone loves Facebook Likes!

Facebook like exchanges can be a great way to get to know people. Even if they aren’t exactly aligned with your field, who knows? They may prove to be valuable sources of referrals.  Swapping likes is a good way to get your fan count up more quickly.  BUT, here is my BIG caveat: the other half of liking a fan page MUST be active engagement.  Simply liking each other’s pages provides a net return of zero.  If business pages have hundreds of fans, but no engagement, they will not rank higher in search engines.  Furthermore, anyone perusing a page with so many fans is bound to view it dubiously if it is filled with only administrator posts, and contains little or no interaction.

My conclusion? In spite of what the purists may think, if you want to give your Facebook fan page numbers a bump, go ahead and join a like exchange.  But please make every effort to visit the pages of those who reciprocate and post responses to their offerings.  Even if they don’t return the favor right away, they will come around when they see the interest you are taking in their businesses. Ultimately, that will lead to the TRUE benefit of exchanging likes.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook “Like” Exchanges: Helpful…or Pointless?

  1. Hi Jeanine, Well they must work to some extent, because I met you in a like exchange, LOL! With that said, the reason i took part in that particular one and resisted others is that we are mostly working in similar fields, and bare minimum we share common interets because we met on an industry-centric forum. And her is the proof that I am following up, and finding content that interests me. I made it easy for myself by creating a Facebook List of all the pages that I liked because of that forum. Not just the like exchange, but other people I talked with and decided to follow. SO once a day or so, I click on that list and I can quickly see what all is posted. Great for catching up quickly.

    • Thanks so much for weighing in, Abigail! I agree completely with your view. I had joined a FB like exchange awhile ago myself. It did grow my numbers, but try as I might I could not elicit any engagement at all. So I dropped out. Not engaging misses the whole point! When I saw the FB like proposition on the SME forum, I thought it would be worth a try because of the commonality that you mentioned. Like you, I have been actively visiting pages I’ve liked. And happily, those other page owners are reciprocating! I’m thinking of trying the Twitter exchange that was just started, too.

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