Social Media Reflections for 2011

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli              return to main site: JayVee Media Link LLC

January 2, 2012


The latter part of 2011 has been a social media whirlwind for me.  After having advised and managed online marketing campaigns for the past three years, it was only last August that I launched my services as an official business: JayVee Media Link LLC. As much fun as it has been, I was astounded by how much I had yet to learn, even after all my years of gratis work.  As anyone in this field will attest, the challenge is not only getting up to speed, but also staying on top of the constant changes that take place on an almost daily basis.

Now that the New Year is upon us, I want to publicly acknowledge the people who have been (and continue to be) invaluable resources for me in the field of social media.  These are household names for us all; if you haven’t tapped into their wealth of knowledge, you are seriously missing out. Here is my list of favorite resources, along with a heartfelt thank you for giving freely of themselves for the sole purpose of helping us all:

MaMari like Ferrari!ri Smith 

The first time I heard about Mari, I thought to myself, “Mari like Ferrari??  What’s up with THAT?  Clickety-click?  REALLY??”  And then I started following her on her various social media sites.  And I realized that those turns of phrases couldn’t possibly be truer to Mari’s nature. She is one of the most genuine, caring and giving authorities in the social media field.  As great as her overall knowledge is, Mari is THE go to person for ANY issues regarding Facebook.  And she is rapidly becoming an enthusiastic authority on Google Plus as well. I have found that her followers are as welcoming and eager to help as she is; indeed, I’ve learned so much from them.  It is a pleasure to deal with Mari and her fans!

Social Media Examiner

Mike Stelzner and his team are also favorite reference sources for me.  I look so forward to finding their emails in my inbox every day! The Social Media Examiner team is varied enough in its research and presentation that readers learn about virtually every facet of the world of social media management and marketing.  And now they have rolled out a wonderful new networking site where we can interact with and learn from not only them, but our peers! Awesome!

Lewis Howes

Although I have been somewhat negligent in keeping up with my LinkedIn profile, I look to Lewis for any issues or questions I may have regarding that platform.  He is a true authority on LinkedIn, and provides invaluable information on how to leverage the platform to achieve the best possible results for your business.

Robert Caruso

Robert and his team at Bundlepost offer not only a terrific social media service, but they are also authorities on virtually all facets of social media marketing and management. Their blogs are informative and entertaining, as they pepper their writing with their viewpoints and often humorous takes on their subject matter.

Lilach Bullock

Lilach is a very prolific blog writer who shares a wealth of social media information and tips every day in her straightforward, down to earth style.

Kate Buck Jr.

Kate is the lady who first brought the realization to me that social media management is a real profession! Before I heard her speak, I was convinced that online profile management was merely a hobby – albeit a very time consuming one!  Through Let’s Get Social, Kate and her team offer a goldmine of information, tips and actual, usable tools for your social media business. Kate is very hands on, accessible, readily helpful…and has enough energy to power the U.S.A. for at least a decade!

I thank all of my mentors for their dedication to our field, and for giving of themselves solely for our benefit.  May they – and YOU —  enjoy the blessings of a healthy, prosperous, Happy New Year that is filled with everything good!

How have my favorite social media resources helped YOU?  As a relative newcomer, I am positive that I have left off a number of others who deserve equal recognition; who beside the above named social media giants has inspired and helped YOU?


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