Social Media Upkeep…On Another Level

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli                                      return to main site:JayVee Media Link LLC

In light of the fact that there have been numerous incidents lately of profile hackings, I thought it might be a good idea to re-feature this blog post:

There is such a wealth of information being shared every minute concerning all facets of social media marketing. Every possible angle is examined, analyzed, scrutinized, and reported on!  We in the business are so grateful for this fountain of knowledge that flows freely for us all.  But there is one aspect of online marketing that no one ever addresses. It appears to be something we all take for granted.

The blog posts we create are golden; our research, pictures, raw video files and program tools are irreplaceable. Our access information to our accounts is crucial; the confidential info we keep for our clients is sacrosanct. So why is the security and virtual health of the keeper of all that information often the last thing we think about? Folks, TAKE CARE OF YOUR COMPUTERS!!!

virus chasing computer

Don't put YOUR social media tools at risk!!

Make sure you have the best possible virus/spyware/malware protection installed, and update and run it frequently.  Always give a thought before clicking any link that is sent to you – even if it comes from someone you know.  And equally important:  back up all your data!  Offsite and securely. There are great services out there that do this for a very reasonable price.

Annoying as it is, remember the golden rules regarding passwords.  Each account should have its own.  They should not be birthdays, anniversary dates, or anything else that is potentially easy to figure out.  They should be a mixture of letters, numbers, capitalizations, and punctuation.   Passwords should be changed frequently.  And regardless of how convenient it is, they should not be kept in a file on your computer!  If your system is hacked, all of your sensitive data, including account user names and passwords, will be accessed and stolen.

As any responsible business owner does, let’s remember to give the tools of OUR trade proper care and maintenance.  After all, the security of our social media clients, as well as our livelihoods, depend on it!

Do you have a favorite, trusted program/method to protect YOUR social media tools? Let’s compare notes!

computer protected from virus

Our Social Media Tools Need Protection!


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