Social Media Marketing: Do It Yourself…Or Not

by Jeanine Vecchiarelli

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Social media marketing tools and opportunities seem to be EVERYWHERE these days.  It’s almost as though every radio and television commercial hawks SOME kind of social media marketing tool.  Everyone is using it, and now it is easier than ever!  All you have to do is…..

And therein lies the rub.  With the availability of all these seemingly simple do it yourself online marketing opportunities, I occasionally find myself on the receiving end of queries regarding just how necessary my services are these days. When asked, I find it especially useful to reframe the issue.  Can anyone use social media for marketing?  Sure.  Is it rocket science?  No.  Theoretically, any person with a reasonable amount of intelligence and good writing skills should do just fine.  So where then is the need for social media managers?

As I see it, there is one main reason for the continuing and growing existence of social media management companies like JayVee Media Link LLC.  TIME.  Time investment; time management.  Sure, there are plenty of other reasons I could rattle off. But in the end, they all funnel right back down to the issue of time.  The fact that marketing through social media avenues is a necessity these days is not debatable.  Merchants who wish to successfully grow their customer base and overall exposure must employ the platform.  But even with the advent of all the new, easy ways to spread one’s message across the worldwide web, the one factor that remains invariable is time investment.

I have frequently witnessed the progress of business owners who take upon themselves the simple but time intensive task of promoting themselves via social media platforms.  Invariably, these brave souls wind up right back at my door.  As social media marketing continues its meteoric rise, it is constantly evolving.  Every day there are new platforms to use, and new ways to use the ones that already exist. A merchant using social media avenues for marketing must stay on top of all these changes. Are new platforms better suited to his/her business needs?  Can new functions boost exposure on the ones he/she is already using?  Then there is the reality of how this marketing platform works.  Online marketing requires consistent engagement.  One must vigilantly seek out and reach out to new contacts who may potentially become new clients.  That does not happen without a regular, high profile presence.  All of which funnels back to the simple question: how much time does a merchant have to devote to social media marketing?

Large corporations generally have the luxury of a hired staff, often a whole department, which is dedicated to marketing on many levels including via social media.  Very often, the same cannot be said of smaller to mid-sized companies.  It is not uncommon in these smaller entities to find that the same person who owns the business is responsible for hiring, firing, inventory oversight, customer relations, all the rest of the tasks that keep the business running smoothly, AND promotion to help it grow.  While still pricey, traditional methods of advertising are much less reliable in today’s market place.  Social media platforms are the undeniable choice for successful promotion.  But again, when everything else is taken into consideration, the time element becomes an issue.

I actually admire those business owners who undertake social media marketing themselves.  But regardless of how driven they may be, there are just so many hours in a day.  Invariably, the time element brings them back to JayVee Media Link LLC.

What are YOUR feelings about the necessity of our industry in the face of all the easy to use social media marketing tools that are proliferating?  How do YOU answer the questions about our continuing existence?


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