Social Media No-Nos

–an observation by Jeanine Vecchiarelli, founder of JayVee Media Link LLC

“My social media profiles have been up for a year! Why do I have only 11 followers on one and 9 on the other?” That was the question I was recently asked when I was hired to perform JayVee Media Link’s Social Media Evaluation for a new client.

The small business that hired me for this job is well known and highly ranked in its local area, so I was interested to see why its social media business plan was falling flat. It didn’t take long for the answer to present itself clearly. On the company’s Twitter profile, there was a mere handful of posts spread at approximately monthly intervals over the year, all of which shared news of upcoming events and service offerings. Over the past year, there was not a single instance of interaction with followers, and not a single indication that any effort had been made to build the company’s following.

I’m sure you already suspect that this businessFacebook page was similarly neglected. But there was one additional thing I saw on that profile that positively chilled me. There was a nine month old post from a prospective client saying, “I want to know more!” The post was never answered. It was never even acknowledged.

Social media is….SOCIAL. Internet marketing for business, large or small, MUST comprise an active, enthusiastic presence on a business’ social media profiles. A continuous effort to build a company’s following using any of the multitude of strategies on the internet, and ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT with a profile’s followers are ABSOLUTE MUSTS. Any business that is not prepared to do the work necessary to build and maintain a positive, interactive online presence, either in house or via the internet marketing services that are offered by social media companies like JayVee Media Link, should understand that it will not see success through that particular avenue of marketing.

Considering that social media marketing is the next big wave for advertising a business’ goods and services, it is strongly recommended that any company looking to expand its reach – even on a local level – learn to integrate successful internet marketing strategies into its business planning.


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