Social Media Partnerships

Social media marketing is a huge undertaking. There’s no doubt about it. For any business that desires social marketing, the task is equivalent to taking on another full time job. The ever growing number of social media businesses like JayVee Media Link underscores the fact that I preach to the choir when I make this claim.

The people I want to reach out to here are the growing number of social media managers who are in the trenches doing their clients’ business marketing day to day. While relieving their clients of the burden of that “second full time job,” the fact that it is SO time consuming, and all-encompassing, can easily overwhelm even the best social media managers. So I offer a word to the wise: DON’T TRY TO DO IT ALL ALONE! Stick to what you do best, and partner up with others whose strengths differ from yours. The common tendency, especially at first, is to keep whatever money you make all for yourself. But you are one person, and there are SO MANY facets to social media marketing….and only so many hours in a day. Trying to do it all will most certainly lead to under-delivering for your clients, and burnout for you.

Do you want your social media business to be successful and long lived? Then do the Partner-Up Two Step! 🙂

How do YOU share the workload to stay successful in YOUR social media company?


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