Who Needs a Social Media Manager? YOU Do!

When I was an elementary school student, we actually learned how to use things like the Yellow Pages as part of our classroom curriculum.  We were even tested on it! That may be why I think it’s funny when today’s youth don’t even know what the Yellow Pages book IS, let alone how to use it.  Oh, they know how to bring up the web site, and to search it from there.  But to hold the actual book in their hands, and to search for a listing under specified categories, and maybe even have to cross reference?  FORGET ABOUT IT!!!  Today’s youth understand a very different meaning to the slogan “Let your fingers do the walking!”

Which brings me to my point.  Many businesses are still paying massive sums of money to advertise in those old Yellow Pages books.  But how good a use of resources is that when the consumers of the current and upcoming generations have no use for that old platform?  Many business owners feel smug, since they also have put up web sites of their very own.  So they have all bases covered, right?  Yet all too often their sites are static and stale.  Many lay unattended, outdated, and mostly unvisited shortly after their first big splash.  I ask you, IS that truly the best use of these business owners’ resources?  Does it make sense to pay only passing mind to the literal gateway of the world?

Many business owners are too preoccupied with the concrete necessities of running their enterprises to fully comprehend how essential it is to establish a vibrant, across-the-platforms, interactive presence on the world wide web.  Even if they do recognize that value, they often don’t have the time or resources necessary to research, establish, and otherwise do the work involved in maintaining and monitoring a productive web presence.  This is why today’s cutting edge industry of social media managers is so crucial to the success of the business world.  They are the trained authorities on how to do the nuts and bolts activities, from setting up successful sites, to cross linking them, to keeping their content fresh, to monitoring feedback.  They are the front wave of researchers, always on the lookout for updated technologies and platforms to best suit their clients.  In short, today’s social media managers are the surest way to guarantee a healthy, vibrant and growing business.

Whether in house or contracted, the businesses of today that desire success and longevity need to hire dynamic authorities to interact with an ever morphing field of prospective clients.  When you need a job done correctly, you need to bring in the right people.  You wouldn’t hire a plumber to do the work of an electrician, would you?  Not that today’s young generation could find EITHER in an old Yellow Pages book!


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