Taking the Plunge

I can still remember as though it was yesterday, even though it was many, MANY yesterdays ago…

Holding on to the bottom rung of a ladder bolted into the side of a rocky cliff on Capri Island, getting ready to push off for a swim in the Mediterranean.  There I was, an invincible teenager, a pretty decent swimmer (translation: no swim aids!), about to swim around the cliffs to the adjacent beach.

As soon as I pushed away, my confidence sank as quickly as I almost did.  Sure, I was a decent swimmer in friends’ pools, or in nice, still lakes.  But I was a city slicker who had never been in water this deep, in a whole big sea, no less!  Suddenly, the distance to the beach looked insurmountable, and I began to wonder if I had stupidly overestimated my abilities.

The fact that I am posting this memory is proof positive that I pulled myself together, calmed my mind and focused my energy that long ago vacation afternoon.  Yet, strangely, I have that same panicked pit in my stomach as I step off a new ladder….one that feels even higher.  This time, the ladder leads into the ocean of entrepreunership.  With a single income courtesy of my husband, a house, three old cars, a middle aged dog and an imminent eight years of college courtesy of our two wonderful kids staring us in the face, in an economy as bad as this one is with no hope of it turning around anytime soon, it is well past time.  After months and months of vying with my son to find part time employment (with neither of us having success), it was indeed a stroke of luck to find information about a work at home opportunity in a field that I have always enjoyed.  Yet somehow, as I am set to officially launch, all the knowledge I have accrued over my many years, all the great product I’ve been able to deliver gratis for scores of friends and volunteer organizations,  doesn’t seem sufficient.  I guess it’s once again time to take a deep breath, calm my mind, focus my energy……..and MAKE A SPLASH!

So I bid you greetings, my new friends!  I look forward to getting to know and interacting with you all as we make our way through our crazy, wonderful existences together!


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